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I simply copied my source tree into added the following Android. mk, and it worked! The following is the content of Android. mk that I came up with by a quick scan of the Makefile.The example is already configured, so all you need to do is to build and launch the project. While it is running, the application displays a configuration page with the following parameters: I2C Interface: I2C interface where EEPROM memory android i2c example

Try looking at some of the other Android kernel mode drivers. Peter L. May 16 '13 at 23: 57 I need to know how drivers get written for Android using linux i2c subsystem.

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I2C TOOLS FOR LINUX This package contains an heterogeneous set of I2C tools for the Linux kernel. These tools were originally part of the lmsensors project but were finally split into their own package for convenience. I'm trying to integrate i2tools on Android build system. I have modified the Android. mk as referred from the blog on internet but I could not see my files getting i2c example I2cBusDriver An I2C bus driver Java class for Android. This class provides an API to access the I2C bus. It uses JNA to call operating system functions of the Android Linux kernel. . The class has been tested with a Hardkernel ODROIDC2 with Android 6. . Example of how to use the I2C driver class to scan the bus:

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Sensors and actuators are common use cases for I 2 C. Examples include accelerometers, thermometers, LCD displays, and motor drivers. I 2 C is a synchronous serial interface, which means it relies on a shared clock signal to synchronize data transfer between devices. android i2c example Dec 14, 2014 Is there any Android image for odroid that have i2ctools built in? and what odroid boards are supporting this today? My goal is just to make and Android app that use the I2C or UART port.