Oracle applications database structure

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Oracle Database 10 g. Oracle Application Server 10 g. Oracle Enterprise Manager 10 g. For example, a data dictionary stores information about both the logical and physical structure of the database. A data dictionary also stores the following information: The valid users of an Oracle database.

oracle applications database

Oracle Applications Database Structure: Schema: Schema is a place in database which contains the database objects like tables, indexes, sequences, views and synonyms. In oracle applications database we have individual schemas for each module application. The Oracle database is a set of tables, indexes, procedures, and other data objects that store information that applications place into storage in the Oracle product. The Oracle instance is the memory structures, background processes, and disk resources, all working together to fulfill user data requests and applications database structure This chapter describes the Oracle EBusiness Suite data model, including schemas, Oracle user IDs, and related database server features. The APPS schema has access to the complete Oracle EBusiness Suite data model. It is analogous to the SYSTEM schema, which has access to the entire database

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Oracle EBusiness Suite (EBS) What is Oracle ApplicationsOracle EBusiness Suite? 3. Database Tier The Oracle Applications Architecture is a framework for multitiered, distributed maintained by Oracle Applications. R12 EBS Directory Structure oracle applications database structure