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Strategies for the iFrame on the iPad Problem. Published on May 18, 2012 by Christopher Zimmermann. Whats the deal? IFrames originally behaved on iOS mobile safari sort of how you would expect, the iframe had the size that you set, and the contents inside could be scrolled with two fingers.Use touch and overflowy: scroll to allow users to scroll iFrames on iOS ipad iframe pdf

After hours of searching and experimentation I can conclude that this problem is a real mess! ! There are a bunch of solutions but each far from perfect. Anybody else struggling with this one I advise to refer to 'Strategies for the iFrame on the iPad Problem For me I need to write this one off and look for another solution for our iPad users.

ipad iframe pdf

A protip by stffndtz about mobile, css3, safari, iframe, and scroll. Hello, Newest JCE. I inserted with iframe plugin a link, but on ipadiphone i don't see a internal scrollbar (so i can't go to under). On pc there is no problem.ipad iframe pdf Sep 25, 2014  Forums CSS [Solved Scrolling iframe on iPad TheLeggett# May 12, 2011 at 2: 38 pm Hey folks, Having a lot of trouble figuring out how to scroll iframes on the iPad. Unfortunately, I dont have an iPad for testing, and have been depending on a few kind people donating their time to help [

Free Ipad iframe pdf

Apr 28, 2014 I have a multipage pdf that loads within an iframe and scrolls perfectly on desktop but doesn't scroll at all on mobile touch devices. I have tried adding ipad iframe pdf Sep 01, 2011 Hi all, I've just bought my new ipad but there's something I can't understand while working with pdf files embedded ih html pages. For example, I'm I have an iframe and i need it to have a scrolling overflow. it seems work out in desktop, i used a work around to make it work in iOS. it works I'm looking for the correct way to assure that dynamically revealed content is visible after scrolling in an iframe on ipad iOS5. Oh Iframes and iPad what a wonderful old chesnut you are. I know