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The nonpartisan, nonprofit, headquartered in historic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, is home to the SaveOurVote campaign and the internet/radio show Voice of the Voters! We support the adoption of a system of checks and balances to ensure the integrity of our elections. Please like us on and follow us on Twitter @SaveOurVote.


"Significant court victory last week in their ongoing litigation, Banfield v. CortÚs. . ." legal director John Bonifaz describes the latest developments.


Voice of the VotersCVI's internet/radio show, is on hiatus for revamping and reorganization. Please browse the archived audios of past shows.


For 2009 voting news posted by the Coalition for Voting Integrity, see CVI's News and Opinion Blog.


Read about the current version of Congressman Holt's election reform bill, the "Voter Confidence and Increased Accessibility Act of 2009" (HR 2894).



Watch/download John Wellington Ennis's quest for the truth about our elections, featuring Greg Palast, Bob Fitrakis, Brad Friedman, Ken


Read more about the Clint Curtis story at>>


Inquirer review.




Letter to the Editor, Intelligencer, May 28, 2009, "Bucks machines get negative vote"


Letter to the Editor, Intelligencer, May 24, 2009, "1 vote, 2 vote, 3 vote"


Letter to the Editor, Intelligencer, April 24, 2009, "Photo ID bill is unnecessary"


Pennsylvania State Supreme Court allows voting rights case to proceed; state's highest court denies Pennsylvania Secretary of State permission to appeal lower court ruling in voters' favor; case challenging the use of electronic voting machines now moves toward trial. press release, December 18, 2008.


GAO Report, Sept. 2008: Elections: Federal Programs for Accrediting Laboratories That Test Voting Systems Need to Be Better Defined and Implemented


"Standards for accreditation of labs that test voting machines inconsistent," Jill R. Aitoro,, Sept. 10, 2008


Losing touch: Electing to use a screen to vote has drawbacks

Editorial, Intelligencer, August 19, 2008


Good money after bad? Controversial voting machines get more funding

Editorial, Intelligencer, June 7, 2008


Intelligencer Editorial, Feb. 8, 2008, "Time to reconsider: Voting machine controversy won't go away…The Republican commissioners can no longer turn their backs on this. They were elected to serve the voters who elected them. By maintaining there is no problem, they are serving only themselves."


Map showing Voter-Verified Paper Ballot requirement


League of Women Voters supports voter-verified paper ballot/record, routine audits, June 2006


For Voting System Examination Schedule and Certification Status Information, go to:|  


Daily Show: Hodgman - E-Voting, Part 2, November 2, 2006 

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